Customer Service
Assistant - Remote

Communication ▪ Scheduling ▪ Support

Role Summary

The Customer Service Assistant has two crucial roles:
1. Support customers and clients across our range of ministries, through email, phone, and live chat.
2. Support our staff with minor administrative tasks (social media posting, scheduling, booking flights)
This position can be fully remote or some days at our Louisville, KY office. We’re a big believer in flexibility.
Reports to CEO, accepting applicants for either full or part time work

About St. Joseph Ministries

Our Mission

We are a family of ministries that help Catholics deeply encounter Christ, be radically transformed by His love, and boldly share it with others.

Our various ministries help bring faith to life through a wide range of offerings: religious goods, innovative technical tools, professional life, faith formation, education, and more.

Our Ministries / Brands

View our home page to learn about the St. Joseph family of Ministries!

Our Team & Company Culture

We are passionate Catholics who love the Lord and our faith. This inspires everything we do! Our team is made up of top talent who use their professional gifts to evangelize, because we’re on a mission! We want everyone to discover the joy of following Christ.

We are a small, but driven team of marketers, storytellers, designers, technology specialists, and strategists. We are a mostly remote team, but put an emphasis on organizational health and positive personal relationships with our clients and team.

We find inspiration in St. John Paul II’s Laborem Exercens and make St. Joseph our model for work. It should be truly a human activity, a healthy working environment and work-life balance are a priority.

The Right Candidate

Above all, you are deeply passionate about our company mission. It’s what gets you up in the morning and drives everything else. There is nothing more important than knowing Jesus, listening to Him, following His will, and sharing that joy with others. 

You’re an excellent communicator. The page is your canvas, and words your paintbrush. Written, verbal, digital… you do it all!

You care about people deeply and genuinely have their best interest at heart. You have high emotional intelligence, and pick up on nuance.

You are just a little stubborn and will do what it takes to just get things done. At the same time, you are not afraid to rely on others for support and humble enough to admit and learn from mistakes. You are totally dependable with whatever work you take on.

You prefer a balance of strategic direction for work and autonomy in execution. You love to organize, make lists, and put messes in order. You naturally see the world in patterns, connections, and structure. You are especially good at time management.

You thrive in situations that require navigating complexity and a fast-paced environment. You possess the ability to think critically and are a fast learner who can adapt quickly.

You are driven to constantly improve, both yourself and the work around you. You love taking things that don’t work well and making them more efficient, improving the quality, or making them easier. Your motto is always leave it better than you found it.

You love to support, encourage, serve, and help people. You are energized by helping others succeed. Your favorite role is being the invisible glue that holds a great organization together.

You can easily and intuitively navigate technology, use new tools, and have familiarity with a wide range of programs. You find ways to work smarter, not harder.


Customer Service & Communication

Ensure timely communication for our B2B clients (business to business) . Support our account managers to make sure their accounts get timely responses. Be the air traffic controller to direct support requests to the right department.

Provide customer support for eCommerce customers via phone and email.

Be a customer advocate to identify and assess their needs to achieve satisfaction.

Assist in processing orders, refunds, and cancellations.

Provide support in organizing and maintaining documentation for customer service and eCommerce SOPs (standard operating procedures). Maintain up-to-date policies and responses across all eCommerce ministries.

Scheduling and organizing social media pieces created by our designers for internal ministries.

Support the entire team with various organizational and administrative needs.

To Apply

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