The Reformation Series

The Reformation Series


Product Description

Former Baptist minister Ken Hensley offers his penetrating historical and philosophical insights into the Protestant Reformation—as well as his uncompromisingly Catholic critique of Protestant theology at large.

Hensley charges head-on into Church history to finally set the record straight. These talks are perfect for sharing with your Protestant brothers and sisters, especially those who are fallen-away Catholics.

Defending the Church

These presentations are intelligent and entertaining, unflinchingly true to the Church while remaining charitable to our Protestant brothers and sisters in Christ. Ken Hensley reminds us that the Church accepts our “separated brethren” precisely as brothers and sisters, but brothers and sisters in need of the fullness of Faith.

Individually, these enlightening CD sets retail for $132.75, but when you order this bundle, you can get all of these talks for just $99.95!

This Bundle Includes:

  • Radical Reformers: The Story of the Baptists (3 CD Set)

  • Sola Scriptura: The Cracked Foundation of the Protestant Worldview (6 CD Set)

  • Luther and Salvation: A Catholic Response (4 CD Set)

  • John Calvin: Inside the Protestant Mind (3 CD Set)

  • Luther: The Rest of the Story (3 CD Set)

You’ll learn:

  • The complex and difficult figures at the heart of the Reformation

  • The faulty theological foundations of Protestantism

  • How to respond to these same challenges to Catholicism, many of which are still passed around today