The Reason Series - DVD Set

The Reason Series - DVD Set


Product Description

Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J. & Barbara Hallett - 5 DVD Set

This program was designed and approved as a supplemental curriculum to the Bishop’s curricular framework for the first semester of the freshman year (in the topic area of faith and reason). It can be completed in five to seven class days, and provides vital information to students who may believe that science and faith are irreconcilable or are experiencing early skepticism about their faith.

This 5 DVD Set explains the evidence for God from physics (along with the topics of evolution, the Bible vs. science, and aliens, etc.). The information is presented in a narrative form with the central character defending his faith against a hostile atheistic roommate. Beautiful shots of Mt. Wilson Observatory and guest appearance from the Director of the Observatory.

Product Details

  • Runtime: about 40 minutes per DVD

  • Language: English