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Fr. Larry Richards --

This is the one of the best explanations on the Mass ever recorded

Fr. Larry explains the True Presence in the Eucharist, the amazing untold history of the Mass, and a nuts-and-bolts "walk-through" of the parts of the Mass.

After listening to this presentatioon, the next time you attend Mass, your sacramental life will be enriched immeasurably. This is a powerful, proven tool for parish education programs, from First Communion prep to RCIA and beyond.

More about The Mass Explained
When listening to Fr. Richards, you'll discover exciting and powerful new insights about the history, spirituality, and Biblical foundations of the Catholic Mass.

"The Mass Explained" will have a deep impact on how you, your loved ones, your fellow parishioners, and your friends experience this Sacred Mystery.

Also in this CD:

Where the Eucharist is found in the Bible
The Nuts & Bolts of how to fully participate at Mass
The History of the Mass: The untold story