The Jewish Roots of Catholicism (DVD)

The Jewish Roots of Catholicism (DVD)

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Brother Bob Fishman  -- 

Uncover the Priceless Spiritual Treasures of the Church's Jewish Roots

Why did Pope Pius XII declare that Catholics should consider themselves "spiritual Semites?" What significance do Old Testament customs and practices hold for Christians of today? How will discovering the Church's Jewish heritage deepen our knowledge and love for Christ?

A Little Jewish Secret

Brother Bob Fishman vividly relates the deep meaning behind the religious Judaism of Jesus and shares many "little Jewish secrets" along the way. You'll be enriched by his many profound insights into Jewish custom and practice and how Our Lord Jesus, who, as Brother Bob reminds us, was accepted as a Rabbi in His community and first shed His Precious Blood in a Jewish rite, embraced them.

You'll be moved by Brother Bob's passion as a convert and a storyteller and amused by his characteristic Jewish wit as you painlessly learn to more fully appreciate the rich heritage that we share with our Jewish brothers and sisters-and how that heritage is truly fulfilled in the Catholic Church.

Passover and the Mass

Brother Bob's many meaningful insights include the several similarities between the Passover and the Mass. In fact, he demonstrates how Jesus' whole life and ministry were a "Passover" for us all. In this soul-stirring section of Brother Bob's latest video you'll rediscover the life-changing power of the one non-Jewish event in the life of Christ-His crucifixion. But perhaps most powerfully, Brother Bob Fishman shares why Christ came as the "Lamb of God" and chose to die for the love of you.

Watching this enlightening and informative video you're sure to appreciate the many examples of God's love for his people that are drawn from our everyday experience. These practical illustrations will stay with you long after the presentation is over, and help to enrich your journey of faith as well as faith of everyone with whom you share it.

A Master Storyteller

Covering such topics as the significance of Kosher foods, the differences between orthodox, conservative and reformed Judaism, the two differing expectations of "Messiah" among 1st century Jews, the touching true meaning of a "Mitzvah" and much more, this remarkable video offers insights and inspiration that can only come from the life and experience of a "fulfilled Jew" who loves and appreciates the Old Covenant like a child of Israel but sees it through the eyes of a follower of Christ.

What you'll learn in this DVD:

  • What is the meaning of a Mitzvah
  • Why the Bible isn't "just another book"
  • How Jesus first shed His Precious Blood during a Jewish rite
  • What are the differences between orthodox, conservative and reformed Judaism
  • Why Jews don't accept Jesus as the Messiah
  • What were the two different versions of "Messiah" for 1st century Jews
  • The significance of the Talmud
  • How the discoveries of ancient Egyptian scrolls shed new light on the ritual laws of the Old Testament
  • Who were the Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes and Zealots
  • What makes a food "Kosher"
  • And much more.


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