Ten Steps To Overcome Depression

Ten Steps To Overcome Depression



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Discover Ten Practical Steps to Overcome Depression and Find Joy, Hope and Peace
Our Lord came that we might have an abundant life of joy, hope and peace. Yet, to millions of people suffering from depression, this seems impossible. Depression affects the mind, body, spirit and relationships of people from all walks of life and all ages.

Today, pre-schoolers represent the fastest-growing market for anti-depressant drugs, while the elderly who struggle with this debilitating condition are the most likely to commit suicide. Statistics demonstrate that virtually everyone will feel the effects of depression, either directly or through a loved one. And yet, despite these alarming realities, Catholics already have the crucial resources to effectively defeat depression.

Practical Methods, Spiritual Strategies
Now, when the crisis of depression seems more hopeless than ever, Catholic Marriage and Family Therapist Alicia Leyva sheds the bright light of Christ's love and mercy on this virtual epidemic in the inspiring new three-CD presentation. As you listen to this essential series, you'll discover the true nature of depression and the critical spiritual factors that contribute to it.

In clear and easy to understand language, Alicia shows how the world is disfiguring the image of God in all of us by representing religion as outdated, sin as good, and virtue as impossible. Having long suffered from depression herself, Alicia reveals from personal experience the practical methods and spiritual strategies that will enable you to defeat depression once and for all.

Measuring "Up"
With this set, you'll discover how to experience the grace necessary to break the chains of the past and live in mental, spiritual and physical freedom. You'll learn that the most important part of your life is right now and why the reality of negative experiences doesn't take anything away from God's plan and purpose for your life.

Going beyond the discussion of emotions and chemical imbalances, this uniquely Catholic series reveals how to judge yourself by God's standards instead of the world’s.  Now, you'll be empowered to overcome diabolical confusion and worldly pressure in order to truly see the reality and truth of who you are, empowering you to experience God's unconditional love.

Joy, Hope & Peace
Through her powerful personal testimony, the stories of those she has helped to defeat depression and the inspiring model of Our Lady, Alicia Leyva will guide you through her extremely effective ten steps. Now you'll see, concretely and in depth, how you can tap in to the amazing treasures of the Church in order to experience the joy, hope and peace that the Evil One wants to kill in your soul.

Order now and be fully equipped to liberate yourself and those you love from the debilitating effects of depression.


What are the ten steps to defeat depression
How to recognize the many symptoms of depression
Why God allows suffering
How fighting against the symptoms of depression can actually make it increase
Why the reality of negative experiences doesn't take anything away from God's plan and purpose for your life
What are the spiritual factors that contribute to depression
How your confession experience can improve each time you make use of the sacrament
Why "going through the motions" of religious piety and community service are not enough
How to experience God as the "Divine Therapist"
How the Evil One uses depression to try and kill your soul
How the Holy Eucharist is your divine medication and source of healing
And much, much more!


3-CD Set