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Romanism in Romans



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Dr. Scott Hahn -- (13 CD set)

St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans is perhaps the single most disputed scriptural book dividing Catholics and Protestants. Does Romans teach that man is saved by faith alone, as Luther asserted? How will “all Israel be saved?” as St. Paul prophesies in this amazing letter? Is it possible that what many believe to be the most “Protestant” book of the New Testament is actually the most obviously Catholic?

New Covenant Revelation
Digitally re-mastered on thirteen CDs, Romanism in Romans has the answer to all these questions and much more. In this comprehensive Catholic Bible study, Dr. Scott Hahn invites you to embark on a chapter-by-chapter journey through the book of Romans. Now you’ll discover that the doctrine of justification doesn’t arise from the ancient legal tradition of Rome, but from the covenant tradition of Jewish Tribal Law.

As you listen, Dr. Hahn will reveal to you that the God who justifies is not merely a judge, but also a father. Far from the Protestant idea of justification as a mere legal acquittal, this crucial doctrine emerges as the process of being made adopted children of a loving father.

Hotly Debated Topics
But justification is only one aspect of St. Paul’s inspired masterpiece. In this remarkable series you’ll enter into some of the most hotly debated topics in Biblical scholarship, including the role of Israel in God’s plan of salvation, the doctrine of predestination and how the Catholic Church resolves God’s sovereignty with His mercy, as well as St. Paul’s challenging and often misunderstood teaching on “freedom from the law.”

Plus you’ll learn why Dr. Hahn considers the final chapter of Romans the “best self-help book ever written”!

Entertaining, Enlightening, and Inspiring Topics
Fast-paced, riveting, and thoroughly Catholic, this series presents an enlightening and insightful study of one of the most fascinating books of the New Testament. Perfect for personal or group study this popular series has been setting Catholics on fire for their faith for years-and now it’s better than ever.

If you desire to understand the underlying principles that will open up the Bible for you as a Catholic believer, then this is one series that you must have. Order now and enter the world of serious Catholic Bible study.

You’ll Learn

  • How a pattern of rejecting God’s Covenant is typical of both Jews and Gentiles

  • How Paul’s “practical theology” is the best self-help book ever written

  • The problem of predestination

  • What is the role of Israel in God’s plan of salvation

  • Why the Church was not merely a movement within Judaism but rather a New Covenant between God and the whole world

  • The difference between Catholic and Protestant understanding of justification

  • What it means to be children of God in Christ

  • How God transfers us into His own family as His adopted sons and daughters

  • What is St. Paul’s challenging teaching on freedom from the law

  • How the Catholic Church resolves God’s sovereignty with His mercy