Product Description

Doug Barry -- (DVD)
Featuring: Fr. Bill Casey, Dr. Scott Hahn, Jeff Cavins, Fr. Shannon Collins, Steve Ray, Kimberly Hahn, Tim Staples and Alex Jones

One of St. Joseph Communications all-time bestsellers just got better! Doug Barry's tour-de-force one-man performance of the Meditation on the Passion of Christ has been moving audiences to tears and sending thousands to the confessional for years.

Filmed before a live audience with multiple camera angles and music from Eric Genuis, St. Joseph Communications' high-quality production has been the definitive video version of this modern masterpiece!

New "All Star" Documentary
Re-mastered on DVD this new Special Edition of RADIX's Passion also includes an all-new half-hour documentary, Reflections on the Passion with some of the most respected voices in Catholic theology and apologetics today.

You'll experience penetrating interviews with Fr. Bill Casey, Dr. Scott Hahn, Jeff Cavins, Fr. Shannon Collins, Steve Ray, Kimberly Hahn, Tim Staples and Alex Jones as they offer their personal, Biblical and theological reflections on Our Lord's Passion.

You'll be inspired, enlightened and experience anew the most profound event of all time as these well-known speakers share their insights into Our Lord's Passion and how to live out the effects of His ultimate act of self-giving in your own life.

Special Bonuses
As an added plus - you'll get a special bonus. The all-new twenty minute "mini-documentary" featuring Deacon Dr. Bob McDonald, A Medical Perspective of the Crucifixion. An award winning medical doctor, practicing psychotherapist, and permanent Deacon of the Catholic Church, Deacon Bob is uniquely qualified to examine the mental, physical and spiritual suffering of Our Lord in His Passion from the brutality suffered at His trials to His last moments on the Cross.

Including important evidence from the Shroud of Turin, A Medical Perspective of the Crucifixion is an indispensable companion to Doug Barry's unforgettable theatrical performance.

Order your copy of this Special Edition of RADIX's Meditation on the Passion of Christ today and experience new and powerful insights into the tremendous suffering that Christ endured for us. Be sure especially to watch this presentation and the special bonus materials with the teens and young adults in your life.

After seeing its effects on those who watch it with you, we're sure you will agree that this new Special Edition is worth its weight in gold.