Marriage Enrichment Bundle

Marriage Enrichment Bundle


Product Description

For a limited time, get a FREE copy of the Marriage Care Novena book when you purchase Manual for Marriage!

In Manual for Marriage, Dan and Danielle Bean offer a modern take on an ancient idea: In marriage, we are called to something greater than ourselves. What can that mean in a world that abhors sacrifice, rejects the concept of permanence, and devalues the sacrament of matrimony? Drawing from the wisdom of the Church and lessons learned from their own real-life experience, they reflect on vocation, sacrament, sacrifice, mutual love, and home and family life. With personal stories, humor, touching insight, and practical suggestions, they offer complementary reflections on the value and meaning of marriage for Christians today.

Marriage Care Novena is a nine-day adventure to help couples put God at the center of their marriage. Each day features a brief meditation, questions to think about, and prayers to say together. Based on the experience of a husband and wife who were struggling in their marriage until they invited God in, this practical book will give struggling couples hope and strengthen the marriages of happy couples.