Margo's Diary

Margo's Diary


Product Description

A Companion Volume to the I Am Margaret Series, Margo's Diary also contains the novella Visitors. So what happened after the Vote? Well, I kept forgetting to write in my diary, but I did record the important stuff! • Lunch with a former Facility guard (interesting!). • Meeting Lucas’s sister - that was INTENSE! • Bane’s parents visit - that was OUT of the BLUE! And lots of political developments! Plus Vatican State births, marriages and deaths. Mostly HAPPY things! After 6 years, I just filled it up with fun stuff: • My Underground Latin Primer • My favorite Psalms and Prayers • A few Maps • A diagram of a ProCamera Mass kit (like the one Fr Mark used to use!) • Bane’s Story! (‘Squire Thane and the Dragon’ - my proposal!) Mustn’t forget that. And a few drawings & things...

Praise for Margo's Diary:

“One of the best Christian fiction books I have read.”

–Cat Caird, blogger of Sunshine Lenses

Product Details:

  • Book dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • Cover: paperback

  • 166 pages

  • Ages 16+