Judith: Captive to Conqueror

Judith: Captive to Conqueror


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The Jews have returned to Israel after the Babylonian captivity, but now a new threat looms on the horizon. Holofernes, the wicked and conniving general of the Assyrian army, is sent to conquer all the world’s temples, and now heads toward the Promised Land. But in Bethulia, the one city that stands between the Assyrians and Jerusalem, is Judith, the only woman with enough faith and courage to defend the Temple with her life. Judith leaves the safety of the city and infiltrates the enemy camp to find and kill the sinister Holofernes. But the scheming lieutenant has his own plans for dealing with her and the Israelites – even if it means disobeying the Assyrian king. Only five days remain before Bethulia surrenders and Israel falls – within that time Judith must find the strength to overcome her past if she is to ever outwit Holofernes. A battle of wills is about to take place that will shape Israel’s future forever.

Told in the popular manga style, this story is sure to delight.

Product Details:

  • Book dimensions: 10 x 6.5

  • Cover: paperback

  • 240 pages

  • Published year: 2012

  • Recommended age: 12+