Islam Exposed: The Crescent In Light of The Cross

Islam Exposed: The Crescent In Light of The Cross



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Tim Staples  --  (4 CDs)

The Truth About Islam Revealed!
For nearly 13 centuries Islamic extremists have been dedicated to the destruction of the Christian West. Today's terrorism is a wake up call from the spiritual descendants of these fanatical followers of Mohammed who demand that the Christian West recognize their radical agenda-or else.

And yet, we are told again and again by the secular media, and even some religious leaders, that Islam means "Peace" and that the kind of radical extremism that shocked our nation on September 11th has no basis in the teachings of Mohammed. But what does the Koran actually teach? Today more than ever before, Christian awareness and understanding of this so-called "religion of peace" is absolutely crucial.

Uncompromising Apologetics
In the hard-hitting, four CD series Islam Exposed: The Crescent in Light of the Cross, nationally known Catholic author and apologist, Tim Staples, "takes the gloves off" and provides important insights on Islam from his profound biblical knowledge, profuse research, and his own personal experience of having lived as a Christian in a society under Islamic law.

But be warned, this tape set can't afford to be "politically correct" because the lure of Islamic Fundamentalism is enticing vulnerable people away from the Faith with simplistic answers to the spiritual bankruptcy of modern life.

Islam Means "Submit"
As you listen to Tim's irrefutable presentation, you'll discover that Islam does not mean "peace" as some Muslim leaders claim. Islam means "submit" and promotes a simplistic creed that explicitly denies the Christian understanding of the very essence of God. How important is it to understand the Muslim's distorted view of God and man's relationship to Him?

Tim paints a picture that will shock the uninformed, concerning the person of Mohammed, his radical message, and his deliberate distortions of Christianity.

Mixed Messages
Since Mohammed first revealed his "divine revelations," Muslims have been taught many confusing and inaccurate claims about Christianity and Judaism. Digging deep into the Koran, Tim uncovers the mixed messages and contradictions that have led to today's wide variety of Islamic sects, exposing the Koran's false claims of unity, prophesy, and divine inspiration.

Tim believes all Catholics need to know how to speak intelligently about Islam; and with the NY Times reporting thousands of Americans converting to Islam after the September 11th attacks, we can plainly see that in today's intellectual jihad the weapons are not just bombs and guns, but words and ideas.

Contend for the Truth
Although many of us have simply become too comfortable and "tolerant" to defend the Truth, Scripture tells us that we must "contend for the faith…[against those] who pervert the grace of God… and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ." (Jude 3-4).

In this remarkable CD set, Tim shows you how to fruitfully dialogue with a Muslim, providing proven strategies to defend the Catholic Faith and challenge Muslims to more closely examine their own beliefs. Order Islam Exposed: The Crescent in Light of the Cross today and arm yourself.