Happiness - DVD

Happiness - DVD


Product Description

Hosted by Eric Kaiser Johnson and Jennifer Milan - 2 DVD Set

Happiness features interviews with well-known psychiatrists, celebrities, New Testament scholars, physicists, and priests that uncover the deeper answers to life’s most profound questions. Eric Johnson and Jennifer Milani present the central ideas from the interviews, explaining difficult concepts and proposing engaging questions. Interviewees include Eduardo Verastegui, Gary Habermas, Leah Darrow, Dr. John Lennox, Dr. Jan Holden, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, Fr. Robert J. Spizter, S.J., Ph.D., and John Chavez.
Using Fr. Spitzer’s proven paradigm, “The Four Levels of Happiness,” as our cornerstone, we move through the remaining episodes dealing with unhappiness and depression and then to evidence for our transcendent and eternal life. We examine the resurrection of Jesus Christ and finally, we learn how to properly deal with, and benefit from, suffering.

Episode List

1. The Four Levels of Happiness 2. The Comparison Game 3. The Faith to Reach Transcendence 4. Evidence of Near-Death Experiences 5. Evidence of the Resurrection 6. Transcendence: Is Unconditional Love Real? 7. Happiness, Love, and Suffering

Product Details

  • Runtime: about 30 minutes per session

  • 7 Sessions

  • Language: English

  • Additional resources at Magis Center