Confronting The Gay Agenda: The Catholic Truth About Homosexuality

Confronting The Gay Agenda: The Catholic Truth About Homosexuality



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Tim Staples, Deacon Dr. Bob McDonald, Fr. Frank Fusare  -- 

This set discusses MATURE issues.
We highly recommend using caution when children are present

You know traditional values are under siege. Satan and his human collaborators are waging on an all-out attack by exalting the elemental sins of the "Culture of Death": contraception, abortion and homosexual activity. Believers can no longer afford to stand idle while the militant anti-life movement promoted by politicians, Hollywood and the elite media continues to gain ground! We must get ready for battle!

Powerful Arsenal
In this important new three-CD series, Tim Staples, Deacon Dr. Bob McDonald and Fr. Frank Fusara, C.P.M. expose the real issues behind the so-called "Gay agenda". Highlighting the psychological, pastoral and practical dangers of homosexual activism, you'll learn the hard truths you must embrace to faithfully live out your Catholic faith.

Corruption of Culture
In "Homosexual Marriage and the Battle for Sanity" popular apologist Tim Staples examines how acceptance of homosexual "marriage" is being thrust upon our society. Pulling no punches, Tim reveals authentic Catholic teaching regarding homosexuality and lays the groundwork to refute the radical Gay agenda. You'll discover why Catholics have the moral obligation to oppose unjust laws, to uphold traditional Judeo-Christian values and to bring sanity to a culture that has lost its way.

Setting Captives Free
Deacon Dr. Bob McDonald, in his enlightening talk, "Homosexuality: Truth and Lies," explores the theories regarding same-sex attraction. As a medical doctor, family therapist and an ordained deacon, Dr. McDonald draws from extensive study, practice and pastoral experience to address this most sensitive topic. You'll discover how only through Christ's transforming love can homosexuals imprisoned physically, psychologically and spirituality be healed and made whole.

War of the Worlds
In the final talk, "The Effects of the Homosexual Agenda," Fr. Frank Fusara, C.P.M., reveals the serious consequences emerging from the perverse programs that have infiltrated the government, permeated our school system and even crept into the Church. You'll learn that even though most people remain oblivious to this modern "war of the worlds", what is occurring in our midst is, in fact, a revolution.

Saving a Sacred Institution
Make no mistake about it; the future of our children and the sacred institution of marriage depend on how we respond to the vice and immorality that are choking our society. Equip yourself to effectively counter the errors of the radical homosexual agenda.


Why homosexual acts are always gravely sinful, intrinsically disordered and can never be approved
The four main Biblical texts that support the Church's position against homosexuality
Why "homosexual marriage" is an oxymoron according to logic and revelation
How a tendency towards sin does not permit a person to act upon it
How a deadly "culture war" is facing America today and the weapons we must employ to combat it
What does the authentic pastoral care of homosexuals persons consist of
Why standing up for Catholic truth is not "homophobic" but heroic
How homosexuals can only be healed by experiencing the unconditional love of God
The three basic factors that lead individuals to homo-sexuality
Why militant homosexuals want to corrupt the innocent and to destroy the Church
And much more…